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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to do a renovation, do I need a structural engineer?

We can certainly assist with the renovation. The important question right now is to figure out where you are in the renovation process.

  1. The inspiration “we want to make changes”

  2. The design “This is what we want”

  3. Hire designer/architect or if you have the skills “get the plan on paper”

  4. The permits “Do we have/need city permission”

  5. The response “The city wants some parts engineered”

  6. Enter the Structural Engineer!!

  7. The plans are solid and it is time to build

We often get the first call for renovations, but we are a little down the list. If you require any assistance with any of the steps to get going, we have reliable partners that we work with that we would recommend

I want to remove a wall in my home, can we help?

We can provide the service of determining if a wall is structurally significant, or load bearing. This will require being able to see the structure above the wall in question. In many some cases the structure above a wall can be viewed through an attic hatch.
If demo work has been done and the structure is visible, then the load bearing elements can be determined. In some cases, the ceiling cover (drywall, plaster etc) will need to have a hole or holes cut so that the structure can be viewed.
For liability reasons, we ask the homeowner to have these holes made prior to our arrival. If the holes are not present, we would need to re-schedule, or the homeowner must accept the risk, and cost of repairs if there is any non-structural damage cause related to the created openings.
We can provide assistance prior to our site visit in determining where the ceiling openings are required. Typically a hole approximately 8"x8" is sufficient.

Check out our FAQs, or contact us to receive answers regarding our work.


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